Marietta & Cäcilie Foundation Hamburg - Malawi

Building bridges from Germany to Malawi: commitment that makes a difference

The Foundation is passionate about addressing the most pressing education and health needs in Malawi. With alarming conditions in schools and hospitals, limited resources and a community yearning for progress and prosperity, every contribution is invaluable.

Your contribution will not only support the construction and renovation of educational facilities or the provision of vital medical services.  It is always about intercultural exchange, realizing ideas through dialogue and continuously developing them further. Listening and learning from each other.

We want to provide children, young people and women in particular with high-quality education and vocational training and secure and continuously improve the urgently needed medical care in this region. No one must be forgotten!

With your donation, you will be part of a direct commitment that will bring about lasting, positive change in one of the most disadvantaged regions of the world. Helping today means shaping a better future for Malawi.

A matter of the heart!
The founders introduce themselves.

Marietta Westphal

Marietta Westphal studied history and journalism, then worked as an editor at the Bavarian regional studio from 1974 and at ZDF Hamburg from 1992. She has been awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon for her social commitment in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Leuchtfeuer, Hamburg Ballet, women’s shelters, etc.).

Enke Cäcilie Jansson

Enke Cäcilie Jansson studied graphic design at the Alsterdamm art school in Hamburg and the Werkkunstschule Mengstraße in Lübeck.Accompanied by stage design internships at the Thalia Theater Hamburg and Covent Garden Opera London. 15 years of professional experience in design & marketing in advertising agencies and companies. Since 2012 she has worked exclusively as a freelance artist.